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Techalit is a new generation industrial company that produces a wide range of aluminium architectural works for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.


We realize

Architectural envelopes, cells architectural facades, uprights and transoms curtains walls or VEC, traditional window frames and internal divisions.
High quality traditional and minimal windows. Skylights and verandas. Interior divisions.
We support the design and architectural planning of our customers offering creativity and concrete technical solutions.

our strength

An excellent structure

The company is organized around a highly referenced Italian technical unit, at the highest levels of efficiency and experience, around a production unit located in Morocco that ensures competitive costs and quality as well as a highly referenced European assembly team dedicated to construction sites in Europe and a second dedicated to construction sites in Morocco and Africa.
Our operational field is the European and French-speaking African countries, in particular.

the result

Absolutely competitive costs, a lean and flexible structure, great professionalism.

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