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Based in 10 km from Casablanca in the industrial park OULED AZOUZ in 10 min of the entrance of highway is for us an easily accessible strategic point
Of a strong experience, our knowledge allow us this day to realize construction sites of high technicality
Our politics is to advise at best our customers. We visualize his final goal and propose him the best of the solutions while respecting the notices of audit firms and choice of the Client.

In an environmental concern, most of our materials are delivered of on the zone of storage defined by the Control of work to limited on transport. We produce few waste to see sometimes none. The only waste which we produce, is waste of packagings and cartridges empty of silicone. All our waste is by ourselves kidnapped and to lead directly at the end of the day in processing plant

Seat : TECHALIT SARL 173, AV Mers Sultan 2 Etg Appt 41 Casablanca – Maroc
Workshop: Lot. 115-116 Zone Industrielle Oulad Azzuz 25323
Oulad Azzuz – Casablanca – Maroc
Phone: +212 522 292 833
Phone: +212 522 228 719


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