Relieve the structure of buildings with an aluminum light facade

A light facade assures the closure of the envelope of a building without participating in its stability. There are several types, situated completely in front of the noses of floors and the airtightness of which and in the water is assured on all its surface.


The facade curtain

A light facade is which establishes most of the time of a skeleton in profiles aluminum and of glazed fillings. She can integrate photovoltaic modules and canopy to improve the energy performances of the building

Facades VEC, VEP, VEA

We hear by ” glazed facade ” a facade curtain established by glazings. The glazed fillings are implemented either directly in the railing, or in the windows placed in this railing. The integration comes true according to three methods: by outside stuck glass ( VEC), parclosé ( VEP) or attached ( VEA)


Break Sun

The installation of a sun protection on the facade of a tertiary building is essential to meet the requirements of the RT on 2012. During the sunny days, an aluminum canopy modulates the shade and the light while avoiding the direct brilliance of the sun, without reducing the luminosity.