Removable Partition

Les avantages des Cloisons amovibles


e more moreover, the flexible and effective use of spaces becomes a best for offices, hotels, exhibition centers, houses and more still.
The removable partition is an intelligent solution which allows you to restructure your inside easily and quickly.
That it is a question of creating a room, of separating two corners or simply of sheltering from the look, the removable partition is the average ideal because she amounts and defuses easily, and does not require no drilling!


The removable present partitions a heap of advantages, including:


The removable partition is built to last. She is elegant, supple in sizes and the dimensions, and is fixed by jacks (not need to drill holes for screws). The removable partition can be equipped with practically every type of desirable finishes without visible joints. She also has an excellent reputation for the performances and the durability.


Confidentiality and practicality

In the open working zones, the removable partition assures the confidentiality, the feature and a better management of the space an optimal cost.
The present many more removable partition favor, in particular of high performances acoustic, a big stability in case of fire and one flexible hose in sizes and the dimensions.


Easy to rise and to defuse

The removable partition is stiff, bearable, and developed in a concern of practicality, so that you can easily go up her and/or defuse her.



The removable partition is flexible in the sizes and the dimensions(size) and can be defused(unsettled) and moved at any time. Consequently, walls can be moved easily and economically.