The lifeline is a necessary protection for your construction. Whether it is to line a swimming pool, frame a window or bound an essential balcony to protect the inhabitants of a house of the accidents in the home which can arise. It is in particular the case if you have very young children.


Various forms and colors

The lifeline comes in several forms and colors according to your tastes. They get married perfectly in your architecture while offering you a necessary protection. You will have the choice between several types(chaps): filling, in barreaudage or still on low wall. Each adapts itself to an architectural style and to a different design.

The composition of a lifeline alu

The lifeline is at the same time resistant and easy to install, it will offer you the best level of protection for you and your family. Having said that, his level of resistance must be guaranteed by your joiner and its composition has to meet the requirements of quality and safety. Our team advises you this way and proposes you high qualities, strong and flexible, which will give you the biggest level of safety.


The types of lifeline


Design, adaptation and simplicity: the aluminum lifeline looks after its aspect. And by multiplying the possibilities of fixation, completely opt for the adaptability, in new as in renovation.



Contemporaries, classics or vertical, lifelines in barreaudage reassure and value your property. Small overview of the various possibilities.


low wall

The lifeline on low wall answers a specific regulations. Most of the time realized in version smoother(smooth) horizontal, authorize diverse compositions which extend the existing esthetics of the housing environment


Other types of lifeline alu

The design of the aluminum joineries considerably filled out these last years. Effective and complete, offer himjoineries aluminum dispenses a wide choice of protections as well for the inside as the outside