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Whether it is for spring, summer, autumn or in winter, it is important to take advantage at the most of your outside. Today, your outside environment is also important as your inside. If you wish to create a real living space outside of your house, opt for a porch. Today, the porch is a full room and can be an outside lounge to relax you, an office to work in the light of day or another play area for your children. However, the use which you plan for your porch will define its surface, its shape and even its colors. More still impress, the porch can be round, oval, square, rectangular and can be even realized to measure.

Your porch is an excellent place to take advantage of the open air, but he can be a little bit boring if you not decorated not correctly. Always in a concern of coherence? Be inspired by these practical advice to choose carefully the decoration of your porch.

The advantages of a Porch


The lighting is important for your porch, from a purely practical point of view, but do not underestimate how it can be ornamental. Lamps, lamps or still candles can create an incredible atmosphere!


Garden Furniture

A lot of people thinks that a simple table and chairs are sufficient for a porch, but they are wrong. The furniture of outside has to reflect your tastes, the design of your house and the decoration of your inside also. Indeed, there is an enormous range of choice: outdoor lounges, hammocks, armchairs, coffee tables, pouffes, seats and more still in a range of materials, including fabrics, wood, steel, glass, plastic…



Accessories allow you to decorate easily your porch. The beauty of the use of accessories is that you can make exactly that you want, no matter the size, the shape or the colors of your porch. Some accessories which you can use understand the table linen, the pillows, the carpets, the candelabras and the candlesticks. The best of all, accessories are temporary so that you can modify them according to the trends or the personal tastes.