Situated in Casablanca, the TECHALIT company ,

Its experience and its know-how proposes you for the following works:

  • Curtain wall
  • Automatic doors
  • Aluminum outside closures
  • Verandas
  • Closures of buildings
  • Rolling Shutters
  • Metal shutters, stretchable railings
  • Sectional Doors

For your business, shop, set offices, community, administration, building, new construction site or renovation, TECHALIT settled down in Casablanca

By importing its Italian know-how and its experience and arranges adapted products, in all the joinery Aluminum

  • Windows, carry windows, porches, sliding bays, every types of opening and glazings
  • thermal
  • phonique
  • Anti-vandal
  • Blinds, roller blinds
  • Garage doors, sectionnelles doors
  • Portals
  • Sectional doors

A choice of solutions, profiled, colors selected at the best manufacturers.

The TECHALIT company was installed in Morocco after 40 years of experience in Italy and somewhere else The company began with the simple implementation of Window, going as far as developing it in the supply and the pose of wall very DESIGN curtain.
Since its creation, the TECHALIT company is in constant growth and develops this day a pole “engineering consulting firm” and a showroom.
To date the TECHALIT company realizes its works at private individuals and professionals.
For the years we specialize in the joinery ALU, the STEEL, the glaziery. Compound of technicians of more than 20 years of experience in the engineering consulting firm and in joineries. They realize execution plans ( AUTOCAD) following approval of the customer and the architects.
An account manager comes to complete the engineering consulting firm to answer calls for tender and follow-up of the commands.
Present 1 team leader since the creation of the company frames(supervises) our committed workers of marocainne nationality after their learning(apprenticeship) in our company.


The company is totally autonomous on these studies of plans, a technician was established all the documents necessary for the good progress of the construction site on AUTOCAD on 2011.
A foreman, attends all the project meetings, for the technical developments and of schedule.
Two teams of pose of 20 people, assure the pose of the various joineries on construction site, every team leader possesses the authorization to maneuver the autodriving typical machines nacelles, wagons hoist etc.
Each of these teams is endowed with a truck van, equipped in small equipment of construction site, perforating, grindstone, screwing machine, safety harness, posts to weld, etc.
The type of profiles used on our construction sites is of mark MEASURED Italian mark of origin. All these profiles are normalized CSTB (Joineries and Wall curtain) on the other hand joineries made from this range obtained classifications AEV more than satisfying.
He is so of our company which we try hard to develop always towards a respect for the quality and for the lead times, within the framework of a competitive and reasonable price.
Our engineering consulting firm draws the plans, to the workshop(studio) for the manufacturing of the works consisted of bars of aluminum, and on the construction site for their pose.
TECHALIT uses machines of cut and assembly with digital controls made in Italy,

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